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Comments on news stories from a biblical, Christian point of view.

Jan 04 2017

Time for a Change

Sunday morning, I woke up and realized, I had no responsibilities. My guitar remained in its case. There were no sermon notes to go over. I was not anybody’s pastor. I loved the feeling and I missed it too. It’s time for a change – for me and The Vine Church of Petaluma. Here (and …

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Nov 07 2016

God is in Control. Yes, but…

Apparently I missed the memo from headquarters that delivered the message to all pastors and spiritual leaders in America to assure the people that we don’t need to worry about this election because God is on the throne. Max Lucado wrote an article for Fox News. Steven Curtis Chapman even wrote a song, “God is …

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Oct 20 2016

Pray for America

pray for america

Please join Penngrove Community Church and the Vine Church of Petaluma as we lift up our nation in prayer, especially as we face an election for President, Senate, House of Representatives, State offices and propositions and local offices. Our prayer meeting will take place Sunday, Oct. 23, 6:00 PM at the Vine Church of Petaluma …

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Aug 22 2016

Kayaking Around Petaluma

Petaluma is at the northern tip of the San Fracisco Bay Area’s network of bays and estuaries.The Petaluma River is a tidal estuary that leads into the San Pablo Bay. I’ve often thought it would be great to take advantage of the many waterways and kayaking looked like the best way to experience the bay …

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Mar 16 2015

God does not die

“God does not die on the day when we cease to believe in a personal deity, but we die on the day when our lives cease to be illuminated by the steady radiance, renewed daily, of a wonder, the source of which is beyond all reason.” -Dag Hammarskjold

Oct 05 2011

Steve Jobs: Never Settle

Steve Jobs with the Apple computer

Steve Jobs, our generation’s Leonardo Da Vinci,  passed away today. Besides founding companies like Apple and Pixar, he was an inspiration to anyone who has suffered setbacks. I was deeply encouraged by Steve Jobs’ commencement address at Stanford University in 2005 in which he told of three of his greatest setbacks in life – Reed …

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Oct 05 2011

Prohibition – Social Experiment Fail

Prohibition Documentary Success Well Done: Ken Burns’ PBS documentary on the Prohibition with author Daniel Okrent (Last Call). The TV documentary got me thinking about the prohibition of marijuana – will the medicinal use of marijuana lead to the legalization and regulation of it for all? Will our desperate economy open the way for legalizing …

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Aug 09 2011

Famine in Northern Africa

You Think You Have It Bad? There are so many crises in our nation and around the world, it’s easy to become desensitized to the crying needs of others. It may not have sunk in yet the extent to which the three-year drought in Somalia and the Horn of Africa is devastating thousands of people, …

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Jul 11 2011

The Jaycee Dugard Story – Where Was Her Father?

Jaycee Dugard interviewed by Diane Sawyer

The Jaycee Dugard story is an incredible, can’t-look-away-from story. I watched the Diane Sawyer interview July 10. I wouldn’t have missed it. It’s a story of human resilience. Jaycee Dugard is a hero. She showed such grace and composure as she described her kidnapping and years as a prisoner in the back of a suburban …

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May 20 2011

The End of the World – Tomorrow? Or in 15 Billion Years?

Judgment Day May 21?

Petalumans were shocked a month ago as we drove towards downtown on D Street. Just before the Petaluma River bridge, a billboard warned “Judgment Day, May 21. Cry Out to God” The billboard advertised the address,, the website of Oakland’s 89-year-old Harold Camping, a TV and radio teacher who is predicting the end of …

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